The Ultimate Shopware 6 Review For 2020.

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2 min readJun 15, 2020

There have been many eCommerce platforms available, choosing one can get pretty confusing. Depending on your experience and your specific brand needs, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a review of a German-based E-commerce platform called Shopware. Though Shopware 5, a matured system, continues to reign as the top E-commerce platform in Germany, it was the new version Shopware 6 that is going to discuss here!

Shopware 6 is built on a modern technology stack with Symfony as the core framework, an admin side interface with Vue.js, a lightweight frontend with Twig template engine, and Bootstrap, an API with unrestricted flexibility. This headless application is predicted to be the next big thing in the Ecommerce development industry.

The reasons for why Shopware6 is recommended:

  1. Shopping experience and content management system

The modern eCommerce business thrives on how you tell your story and build an emotional connection with the customers. This has a major role in sales conversions. The shopping experience section, built with the powerful CMS in Shopware 6 does exactly this.

2. Catalog management

The ease to create products and variants will take you by surprise. Vue.js does its magic with multiple data and conditions getting saved on the go, without page reloading.

3. Ease of creating rules such as shipping rules

You can create any out of the box rule with the highly intuitive user interface. For example, with shipping rules, the interface allows you to specify what your rules are based on.

4. Rapid plugin growth

Shopware 6 plugins are being developed at a rapid pace and are pouring down into the Shopware 6 Store, which has enough plugins for normal webshop operations already.

5. Sales channels

Shopware 6 helps users to make different sales channels and push products to each channel to facilitate targeting the right customers.

6. Headless architecture

The platform has an API first approach enabling it to be used as a headless application that is built for the future. With fully functional APIs available for frontend and backend, Shopware6 is highly friendly to make PWAs and mobile applications.

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