Top 11 Reasons To Choose LARAVEL For Enterprise Software Development

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2 min readMar 20, 2020

An enterprise requires software and web-based applications for its systematic functioning. Since the enterprise applications are considered to be extremely complex, it is best to go for a framework that is robust and scalable. Hence, Laravel is the foremost choice of most enterprises in this regard.

Laravel for enterprise software development

There are multiple reasons that contribute to the growing popularity and acceptance of this framework.

Let’s browse through the top 11 reasons why Laravel is the foremost choice for enterprises to meet their web application needs:

  • High security

Making your apps free from cyber attacks, it ensures the safety of the data and code.

  • High performance of web apps

High performance is guaranteed to the web applications developed through Laravel, as compared to other PHP frameworks.

  • Its open-source format

Being open-source, it enables easy customization.

  • A powerful community of users

It boasts of a community of users whom developers can consult in case of any issues or doubts.

  • Its efficient architecture

It has an MVC ( Model View Controller) architecture that is ideal for faster and large enterprise applications.

  • Powerful authentication

Developing authentication for web apps was a major challenge and Laravel makes it easy for providing easy access to authorized users.

  • Blade Template Engine

The Blade Template Engine is the key feature of the framework, which provides developers with a list of pre-defined templates that can be used by him to write code easily. Many ready-made widgets are also provided.

  • Enables data migration

Through this framework, you can easily make changes to the existing database or share the database with other developers in your team.

  • Less development time

Many in-built functionalities within this framework, enable developers to write code easily and quickly.

  • Laravel is for the apps of tomorrow

The Laravel community is always on the lookout for adding new functionalities to the currently available framework. Evolving each day, this framework is future-ready and ready to take on the world!

  • Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel Ecosystem includes tools and services used for creating web application whether it’s a small personal website or an ERP / CRM system which makes the work of both developers as well as business easier. The framework ecosystem also provides powerful security features as well.

The world chose Laravel.

This was the highest voted framework amongst 50 countries owing to its top-notch features of simple verification, secure routing, and session handling.

So should you!



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