Shopware vs Magento | 6 Features That May Make You Choose Shopware Over Magento.

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2 min readMar 26, 2020

From our extensive experience working with Magento and Shopware, we will provide some features of Shopware that could help some of you decide on your next open-source eCommerce software.

With the increasing popularity of Shopware in Europe, the eCommerce business owners and start-ups are looking at the best systems to build or upgrade their webshops. It is crucial that one should analyze each and every important aspect that will influence developing a business in the eCommerce space. Here is a compelling read on Shopware vs Magento and why Shopware is a smart choice to develop or upgrade a professional online shop.

  1. The intuitive and better user experience of the back-end admin panel:

Magento has made improvements to its admin panel in the Magento 2 whereas Shopware still stands out with its highly intuitive admin dashboard. The user can open multiple menu items as different windows inside the panel without page reloads. This makes them work on multiple tabs at the same time without page reloads.

2. The streamlined checkout process in Shopware that reduces fall out:

The default checkout process in Shopware is optimized to reduce fallouts and thereby increasing the conversion rate. Magento requires additional plugins and customizations to achieve this. Shopware also has an ajax based slide-in side cart feature that is really convenient. and user friendly.

3. Backend activities log:

Shopware keeps track of the backend operations which helps shop managers to troubleshoot any issues or content changes in the webshop. It also has a system log to troubleshoot system errors from the admin panel.

4. Better media/images manager:

Shopware has a dedicated Media Manager feature. All the media of the website can be managed from one place and also the image upload is clean and fast. The uploaded images can be used for different products or categories later. Magento uses flex technology for its image upload and sometimes it doesn’t give the best user experience.

5. Storytelling (shopping world) feature:

Modern brands focus on providing an emotional shopping experience to its customers in the eCommerce domain. Shopware has a storytelling (Shopping world) feature that helps to make the consumers feel an engaging personal connection with the shop.

6. Free text fields management:

This is another feature that helps reduce a lot of development hours for Shopware. The free text fields feature enables the developers to add quick fields to forms in the site, like customer registration or billing form. Magento requires plugins for this and in some cases might involve more customization.

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