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2 min readSep 19, 2020


Are you a real estate company? Are you truly in control of your properties? A study reveals that 60% of organizations lack insights into their real estate processes. Are you in that 60%?

Then, it’s high time to choose a real estate management software that powers you to do more than just manage properties.

2Hatslogic, the leading global provider of innovative software introduces a future-proof, web-based, fully integrated end-to-end platform with mobile access to manage operations, execute leasing, and run analytics. This comprehensive, customizable, and cost-effective property management platform is designed to manage property and asset maintenance, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency with a fully integrated system of record for real estate and facilities. We can support a wide range of property types, from residential to commercial or industrial. Whether you’re a landlord with a few investment properties or a property management firm managing hundreds of locations, this solution is designed for you. Whether it’s lease origination, maintenance requests, and management or online rent collection, all in one easy-to-implement platform.

Let’s dive into some of the features of our full suite real estate solution

1. Automate workflow: The number one problem you need to solve as a property manager is to automate your operational workflows such as leasing functions, tenant management, facility management, and accounting. That’s exactly where we come into the picture as a real estate software. The platform automates and streamlines everything under one single umbrella using cloud-based software.
Centralized data: For those looking to eliminate spreadsheet dependency, we have a user-friendly, centralized dashboard for better management.

2. Empower Accounting: This software tackles accounting, business operations, and leasing. Users can monitor business expenses, make and accept online payments.

3. Manage Maintenance: We help you to stay ahead of rental property maintenance and repair issues, cut costs, and boost owner and tenant satisfaction. All this from just one, integrated solution. The maintenance management makes it easy to assign maintenance people to support each issue and manage accordingly.

4. Manage Tenants: Give tenants and owners 24/7 access to information on any device with our powerful Tenant and Owner Portal software solution designed to improve visibility and communication.

Wrap Up
We revolutionize real estate management by managing your data, guiding your tenants, and optimizing your property management business. Want to know more about the features and other information about this solution? We are just a click away.



2Hats Logic Solutions

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