HR Policies and its importance

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3 min readJan 17, 2019

What is Human Resource?

Human Resource Department is a division of an organization. They are mainly focused on activities relating to employees and deals with people and issues related to people such as Recruitments, Training, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and managing Administrative functions of an organization.

What are the HR Policy and its importance in simple words?

Human Resource policies are guidelines for HR Professionals to manage employees in an organization. Policies are important as it helps to establish and maintain consistent practices and give structure, Control, Fairness in the workplace.

HR Policies are formulated by finding solutions and taking actions against the day-to-day problems and Revising old policies. So for an organization to work fine, there should be good Policies for key HR management functions like Recruitments, Selection, Promotion, Compensation, Workplace diversity because, employee matters such as Promotions, Hike, Benefits can displease employees and can make conflicts among them, proper policies can help to avoid such issues. HR policies and procedures of a company define the process through which an employer and employees together can achieve the company’s goals.

Simple Guidelines to write HR Policies are,

  • First, select a suitable title for policy
  • Always use simple and clear language
  • Clarify and understand the reason behind writing the policy
  • The policy should be flexible and user-friendly
  • Consider opinions from employee side and discuss with seniors.
  • Finalize the Policy.

Examples of some good HR policies:-

  • Leave and Holiday policy — It includes details about Sick leaves, Casual leaves, LOP, and Public holidays in a company.
  • Recruitment Policy — A recruitment policy states how a company finds new employees. Includes hiring methods used to find experienced and fresher staffs.
  • Performance and Evaluation — It outlines the company’s methods of evaluating employee performance.
  • Feedback and Coaching Policy — It says how the company improves their employee performance by giving feedback and providing training.
  • Overtime compensation policy — Describes the extra payments for an employee who works more than normal working hours.
  • Whistleblower Policy — Outlines about a whistleblower, a person who does any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal in an organization that is either private or public.
  • Termination policies- Says about reasons and rules for terminating an employee.
  • Dress code Policy — Includes details about the dress codes (Formal or Casual wears) for employees.
  • Work from home Policy- Outlines the allowed situations for employees to work from home.
  • Employee Retention Policy- Outlines the methods taken by a company to retain its employees.

HR policies are some official set of rules and regulations to be followed by an organization with its employees, So If an Employer violates that, an employee has the right to take legal action against them. Clearly written HR policies and procedures give a good idea to employees regarding their rights, responsibilities and what they can do or can’t do in their workplace.

I hope you got the basic idea about HR Policies and its importance from this blog. Thanks for reading!



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