How Can The Right Way Of Storytelling Boost Your E-commerce Business?

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2 min readJul 7, 2020

Storytelling in E-commerce has evolved as one of the integral parts of selling your products and the core of marketing. A business turns successful only if your story connects with the audience, their ideologies, and area of interest. A good story revolves not around your products, but it makes the consumer believe in your brand.

In E-commerce business all the interactions are digital, so the design, colour, and graphics that you choose for your E-commerce portal should blend with the story you wish to tell.

In-spite of the basic things to be followed to build an E-commerce platform What more can be added to your story?

Here are some interesting storytelling strategies:

• Create a positive message.

We often find brands these days linking their products with socially relevant happenings or things that are trending on news. For an e-commerce portal, the right time is now! To shop within the safety and security of your homes, when the world is facing one of the most challenging situations it has ever done with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is a message in itself.

• Sell the idea about what changes your product can bring in their lives.

People are well used to online purchase model, where everything from their basic needs such as grocery to things that extremely personal and you are emotionally connected with such as pets online! The idea is to convey to your audience how the product would look, seem, and feel like if it came into their lives.

• Show customers that you can solve their problems in the best possible way.

For a consumer to end up buying your product, your story should be convincing enough to tell him that it will look good on him or with him. There are thousands of competitors selling the same category of products as yours, but for him to buy from you, he should feel that this is what I am looking for!

Keep your story simple and shareable.

Scope for sharing is an important aspect of good storytelling. If a person can connect and identify with your E-commerce brand’s story, he will share it with like-minded friends and acquaintances, giving you the gentle push that you so very badly need.

• Cater to a wide audience

Successful brand stories are for the young and old, the men and women, and kids too! So, when you create your brand’s story, make sure that your potential audience has no limits!

Good story telling is all about the culmination of the aforementioned points.

Is there something missing in your E-commerce story telling? Does it fail to strike a chord with your audience? Share it with us in the comment section!



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