Database Access Overhead in Vapor

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2 min readNov 14, 2019

Recently I was trying to deploy a Laravel Application using Vapor. I had to create a database for my application using Vapor. As per the Vapor Docs, a network would automatically be created when deploying for the first time. But in our project for some reason, the network was not automatically creating. So I had to create a new network from Vapor UI. I had to select the region and a name for the network to create it.

Then I created a fixed publicly accessible database with minimum configuration (db.t3.micro — 2VCPU 1Gib RAM).

Then I set up the tables in the database and deployed the application. However, the application was running slower than I expected. I tried several optimizations in the application but the application was still slow. After spending some time I found the issue was with the database connection being slow. I then scaled the database from the Vapor UI to db.t3.medium — (2 VCPU, 4Gib RAM).

But still, the database connection was slow. To test more I further scaled the database to a higher configuration. But there was no progress to the speed. After spending some time on what will be the issue I noticed the network was created on a region different from the region where the application was deployed.

The application was deployed on the us-east-2 region but the network in which the database was created was on the us-west-2 region. I deleted the network from Vapor UI and created a network again with the region as us-east-2. Then we the code and checked the speed. Speed was good now. Then we scaled down to the db.t3.medium configuration and tested the speed. The speed was the same.

So I can conclude that the AWS region to which the database is created should be the same to which the application is deployed to have good performance for any web applications.

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